Civil status [ episodes 22/ 53/ 74 ]

We've got three different dates for Albert Calavicci's birthday: 1934, June 15th 1945, and 1946. Only one seems to be possible when we know the future items of his career. He couldn't have taken part in the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 (too young) if he was born in 1945 or 1946... So Al is born in 1934, the 15th of June.




Youth and family [ 5/ 7/ 16/ 18/ 26/ 27/ 33/ 38/ 41/ 74/ 80 ]

In contrast to Sam, and this is one of the numerous points which complement each other, Al's childhood wasn't all roses. His mother, of scottish origin, soon deserts him and his young trisomic sister for a books representative. The frequent absence of his father and the difficulty to take care of Trudy alone are certainly both the reasons of her escape. The father, an italian construction worker, goes from one construction site to another, so Al is sent to the orphanage and Trudy to a specialized institution since he can't take care of them. The only other family tie we know of is a mysterious uncle Jack. Al was already in the orphanage at the age of eight because he remembered he had a red fish called Kevin here at this moment! Far from family (father comes to take him only on saturday night) Al learns fast on his own. Already lively, Al is nicknamed "the burglar" by his friends! His father came back when Al was ten years old, to take his children with him after he made a fortune in Saudi Arabia's 'oil. Then he promises a lot of things to his son, telling him that everything will be ok now, and that nothing will do part them. He even buys a family house.But he falls ill and learns at the hospital that he has cancer. As his father asked him, Al prays everyday. Nothing to do. After his death, Al looses faith, and it will take decades for him to forgive God. Back in the orphenage again, Al runs away the same year. He goes from one big city to the next with Magic, a fantastic pool player, but Magic is arrested and Al is sent back to the dormitory... Another time, he runs away to join a circus. But it's finaly theater and summer plays which will definitely get him out of the orphanage. When Al then decides to take his sister back, he learns that she died in 1953 (of a so-called pneumonia, something that he'll never believe).




Professional [30/ 34/ 44/ 51/ 52/ 53/ 54/ 59/ 64/ 74 ]

We don't know exactly when, but Al has assisted some photography friends in NY. He also worked in a laboratory (perhaps one in the Navy).
After the orphenage, Al The Rebellious finds in the Navy a new family and the collective life of his childhood again. In 1957, at Naval school, Al (aka "Bingo") shows off in his corvette! He plays in the Navy baseball team, as a pitcher. His best friend and team mate, Cheap, will be shot down over Haïphong ten years later.
In 1962, Al is sent on reconnaissance flights over Cuba during the missile crisis. Five years later, during his second mission in Vietnam three months after his first, the plane he pilots crashes down on April 1st, 1967. Then as a P.O.W. near Chang-Hoï, he is put in a cage too small to sit down or get up, surviving only with one rotten rice bowl per day and rain for water... The only thing which helps him then to hold on is the image he keeps in his mind of his wife, thinking she's still waiting for him at home... After his repatriation in 1973, Al becomes an Admiral, although he was always kidding with hierarchy when he had still had his wife Beth with him... Now she's gone, he only has the Navy, and alcoholic drinks...
An impossible fact mentioned by Al: his space flight in Appolo as an astronaut in which he would have orbited the moon ten times... This can't be true already because the first manned moon orbit occured in December 1968 by the astronauts Borman, Lovell and Anders (Appolo 8). Moreover Al was still prisonner at this moment.



Affairs [ 5/ 22/ 36/ 57/ 66/ 72/ 74 ]

Left to his own devices very young, Al is quickly precocius!
At eleven years old, he already asked girls to play... in the shower! At 16 years old, he has three fiances at the orphanage... and perhaps more out of the orphanage!
Here is his list of conquests, but certainly not complete: a 1955 Erotic Miss of the moment in the Navy school, a Swedish flight attendant, a lovely stripper in New Orleans called Fifi Boumboum Larue (she tought him the art of using a revolver...), an egyptian who could be the incarnation of Cleopatra... This is to show how Al loved women in all their splendor!
Lisa Cherman, the base's nurse in 1957, seems to be the first serious affair of the young Calavicci, even if she is married... In fact they met together before Al came to the Navy school. Their passion is an epidemic, but comes to a tragic end when Lisa dies June 25th, 1957 in a car crash. Sam will change this part of the story and Lisa will finaly be saved. However there is no consequence on Al's future, and their affair was still fleeting.


Beth [ 29/ 30/ 93 ]
First, Beth is his only wife we have seen in the series: she's his lost true love. It takes a while before Al speaks of her in the series, as a heavy secret long kept. Beth loves calalily flowers, mexican food and the song "Georgia on My Mind" by Ray Charles. Al often reproachs her to be too romantic. Living together in San Diego, they have in fact only shared a total of two years due to Al's frequent missions. Although Al is declared M.I.A. in 1967, she thinks of divorcing him, thinking he's dead. But she can't do this to a man who left to defend his country... During that period Beth is a nurse at the army hospital, in burns unit. By chance, she meets Dirk Simon, a lawyer, at the moment she feels all her life is collapsing. It's precisely April 1st, 1969, exactly two years after Al has been missing. Then, after she finally asks the Navy to declare her husband dead, she marries Dirk in June of the same year.
Back home in 1973, Al is facing this very hard truth: Beth, his true love, is gone... and because she has the name of her new husband which Al doesn't know, he never finds her again.
Al confesses that if all his mariages failed, it's because Beth was in fact the only one he really loved.
But in the last episode, Sam agrees to change his best friend's history: leaping to Beth to tell her to wait for her husband, to continue to believe in his return, and gives Al the most beautiful gift he could dream of: to find Beth again. Beth never remaried. She and Al have four daughters and at the present time are maried for 39 years...

Other wifes [ 9/ 15/ 38/ 48/ 53/ 57/ 58/ 63/ 71/ 79/ 80 ]
As he's done with Beth, his honeymoon trip with his third and fifth wives were begun in the Niagara falls train.
The collected information about Al's other mariages need occasionally to be sorted out, Al being so much confused himself about it!
His second wife was Hungarian and her father was an undertaker. When she was upsest, she often used her favorite tool on Al: her rolling pin! When they finally divorced, Al was ripped off by her lawyer and they fought for eight months to find out who will keep their dog Bobby!
The third candidate, Ruthy, taught her husband to dance the "rora" and also the yiddish basics. According to Al, she cooked the best gafildafish he has never eaten! But this mariage seems to end more tragically than a divorce as Al says he never understood the importance of family until Ruth left...
The next one, Rut, was German and also a pain in the arse. She was really a mother hen, always mollycoddling him, even cutting his steak in the restaurant! It's the reason why Al is now disgusted by meat! During their divorce, she used a mental torture notion as a defense: Al sang "vollare cantare" when he was asleep, she said!
The last was Maxine. Al met her in a tatoo parlor. We know she slept naked and purfumed her toes with mint. She also dreamed to be a professional ice skater for the Olympics. But she failed selections, so instead she tried street skating! Al divorced her because he was convinced he was a deceived husband because he though she had an affair with an Italian mason. But he understands later that she didn't. This divorce seems to be not far in time since we know that Al go to the alimony audience the September 18th, 1999.

Tina [ 4/ 53/ 86 ]

Tina is blond-haired, wearing 4-inch high-heeled stillettos and she's got her first name tatooed on a intimate part of her body... Al met her at a pocker table in L.A. Her further involment and presence in QL Project is not clearly defined, unless her role is to share the Admiral bedroom! Their relationship is strange, if we can say that anything could be surprising by Al..., but lasts over the series. Al will accuse her of having an affair with Gushie, the chief project operator. This rumor, (she says she made it up just to make Al jealous) is later confirmed by Ziggy (which, it's well known, has ears everywhere!). What Tina represents for Al? Of course what he likes is... her big breasts! In that way they are perfect together: for one of Al's birthdays, she asked him to jump out of a giant cake naked...
It's during a pivate session with the famous sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer that Al understands the tie between his love failures and the childhood fear of being deserted again, here not by a mother but by his successive wives. Al admits he loves Tina, but he loves her in a different way that Beth. And it's the way that finally Al and Beth are brought together.




Misc. [ 15/ 19/ 29/ 31/ 32/ 34/ 45/ 59/ 68/ 70/ 72/ 74/ 78/ 89 ]

- Obsession (ohter than women): environmentalism
- First vehicle: Harley
- Current vehicle: red convertible
- Bedside reading: "On the Road" of Jack Kerouak, who opened him to a world of ventures, spirit, coffee-shop and free love!
- Favorite actor: Humprey Bogart
- Weakness: Chavello cigars (with sheets from Cameroun) since he came back from Vietnam
- No joking matter: basketball!



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